A Short Story

Debbie was a woman of forty-six, a funny old thing. She meant well — even to herself! — yet always seemed to pick the short straw. Debbie loved her children and couldn’t stand to hear them cry but their crying used to come about at the worst times — usually when Debbie finally found time to herself. For Debbie, life happened to her, not for her. Debbie was a downer: a victim to the unfolding of circumstance without any say whatsoever in how she might react or, even better, surrender to the need for control for peace of mind’s sake.

Source: Germ Magazine

Whilst living in Bali, I counselled a Seattle-born ex-pat (who later became a friend), keen to unpack some of the issues troubling her. She was moving through the better half of a break-up but was also keen to decipher some emotionally significant dreams from recent past. ‘Jas’ was a bubbly, open-minded yoga fanatic who trained regularly under the coaching guidance of my partner and I. The three of us got along well. Our relationship developed by way of deep and meaningful discussions.

Jas and I met after class one morning. She told me she feared mirrors — fearing not her…

I spent over six years in the fitness industry. I competed at a high level in both Australian Rules football and CrossFit (functional training). As a CrossFit coach, it was my job to teach people how to move properly, and my hope is that these simple exercises and ideas are tools you can use for the rest of your life. These tools aren’t too complicated and are congruent to the work we have done together. Don’t worry, I won’t be taking you through a training program. But to effectively sustain optimal mental health, we need to get into the body.

Source: People Matters Global

From an outsider’s perspective, the political realm can often be perceived as a whole heap of talk with no action. It can be intolerable and annoying. Those politicians — those with the greatest powers among us don’t get anything done . . . or at least don’t appear to! Why is it that politicians who appear to be obsessed with getting our vote during their campaigns can’t get out of their seats — can’t even lift a finger — when they finally rise to power? What is that power worth, then, at the end of the day? …

These ideas are not mine entirely. I was deeply influenced and inspired by the works of comparative mythologists such as Joseph Campbell; moral psychologists like Jonathon Haidt and Jordan Peterson as well as contemporary intellectuals like Sam Harris and Eric Weinstein. They are much smarter than I ever will be . . . but I love their theories and love talking about them even more!

So many different religions, each with their similarities and differences. Source: pew research

I’ve always been fascinated with religion, although I’ve never quite understood it. I’m fascinated by how many people dedicate their lives to an idea, as though that idea is more than enough for them.


Look, if you don’t want to read the full blog but can’t find your path, do this:

Write down a series of intrinsically meaningful goals to achieve within the next six months; goals that are just beyond your reach; goals that will challenge you just enough to progress gradually and forthrightly. Because when you wake up every day with a mission and a means to achieve it, you have won. Then nothing else matters because you know what you need to do and can audit your life effectively. So, don’t try to find your purpose: Create one. Chase it down every six months. Don’t get lost in the world. …

I was always scared of ghosts. I was afraid of what I could not see from the moment I found out what fear was. Fear and ghosts were peas in a pod: they were best friends and hung out together at every party I hosted — they showed up uninvited and took pleasure in crashing them. The thing is, what I feared was also the greatest source of truth . . . and that’s why I followed the trail of bread crumbs.

Source: blogs.bcm.edu

If someone asked me what the ghosts looked like, I wouldn’t have been able to describe them. Ghosts…

In order to ‘please’ our future selves, we must, as Ram Dass wrote, “Be Here Now”, doing what is right, right now! Life is a big game and we are playing against ourselves.

Each of our lives are a journey with ups and downs. Each of our lives are unique. However, at times, we all tend to learn the same lessons. No one wants to be turned into a donkey like Pinocchio. But what is the difference between being turned into one and behaving like one? I’d hazard a guess that, whether we knew it or not, many of us…

What happens when you laugh, aside from the changes in your neurochemistry and biology? In effect, you’ve simultaneously divided yourself into two persons. You’re laughing at yourself which essentially means you’ve subsequently identified yourself as another ‘you’: The one watching the other one behave like a fool! And that’s funny to you! That’s really, really funny!

Source: Nipples

One of the best medicines is laughter — this we know. All this talk of purpose, direction, fulfilment and enlightenment in this day and age — albeit necessary every so often — can get tiresome. Having a sense of humour is ridiculously powerful and…

We all have our pleasures! Issues arise, however, when we become dependent on them. What YOU need to know: Addiction is a dependence on something external. Addiction isn’t exclusively drug related!

Source: fotografierende

Addictive dependencies arise, almost always, from traumatic past experiences. The sufferer attempts to ‘escape’ or ‘dissociate’ from internal pain through external means — binging on foods, excessively watching porn, substance abuse, narcissistic tendencies, sexual contact and gambling, among others.

You can be addicted to just about anything! Addiction has many faces. Shame is often imbued with addictive behaviour. Shame fuels the addictive fire. …

Tom Ahern

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